The school have two councils. Both have pupil representatives from years 2-6 and also a link governor. The councils hold meetings at least twice a term to organise events, activities, fund raising events and also listen to other pupil's ideas about what they would like for the school, developing the school and it's environment. 

The Welsh and School Council

Our school council is a formal group of pupils within Hafodwenog who are elected by their peers to represent them and their views.

We want to inspire children and young people to use Welsh in all aspects of their lives. The Siarter Iaith is for everyone; all members of the school community have a part to play - the school council, learners, workforce, parents, carers, governors and the wider community. This will ensure every school has full ownership of their Siarter Iaith. Together we will increase the social use of Welsh by children and young people.

Eco and Fairtrade Council 

Ysgol Hafodwenog makes every effort to look after our environment and our world in every aspect of the school’s life. We have an Eco and Fairtrade Counci who take their responsibilities seriously, by doing their very best to raise the children’s and the community’s awareness of issues concerning eco and Fairtrade matters. 

Ysgol Hafodwenog’s Eco Code 

  • Respect the school’s environment, indoor and outdoor, along with the community’s environment.
  • Turn the lights off when no one is using them.
  • Put rubbish in the recycling bins whenever possible.
  • Close doors to keep the building warm.
  • Turn the taps off and do not waste water.
  • Walk to school if possible.
  • Respect the plants which are around our school

Healthy Schools and Sports Ambassadors

  • Breakfast Club- The Breakfast Club is free and available to all children who attend the school It is open from 8:15 to 8:50 every morning. This provision follows National Requirements. The children receive a nutritious, healthy, tasty breakfast which gives them a good start to the busy day ahead of them!


  • Lunch – The children’s school meals are prepared and cooked by our on-site school cook and wherever possible, vegetables from the school’s garden are used as a part of the children’s meals.


  • Brushing our teeth – The school has been a part of the SMILE Project. We were recently awarded the Gold Award by Mark Drakeford the minister for Health. The children brush their teeth daily and are becoming increasingly independent whilst doing so.


  • Physical Education, Swimming Session, and Dragon Sports Club – All children receive one hour of Physical Education along with swimming lessons. The school visits Newcastle Emlyn’s Swimming Pool for swimming lessons and Sports Club is also held (For more information please see the ‘Clubs’ section.)


  • Fruit Shop – The fruit shop is open daily and offers a range of fresh fruit to children. A crew of year 3, 4, 5 and 6 children have taken responsibility for the shop. All efforts are made to ensure that fruits which are bought are those which support Fairtrade.