Following the Star! 

At Ysgol Hafodwenog the children are encouraged to follow the star! The star has 7 points and at the end of each point is a word which relates to school rules or which will help our school community to be a better place. These are the words on each point of the star: 

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In conjunction with this, both classes have traffic lights on the back of the classroom door. All the children's names are on the green at the start of each day, however if they misbehave in class or outside the classroom their name is moved onto the orange and then the red. The children are firstly given a warning and if they still behave inappropriately they are placed on the next colour. 

There is also a Children's Assembly which is held on a Friday afternoon. Where children are encouraged to discuss different talk topics each week. Stars are also given to pupils if they have achieved something special or followed one of the points [words] on the star exceptionally well.  

We do encourage the children to give their opinion about the school and the rules which they are asked to follow. This is done through the school council. Some things have been changed due to their opinions!